Improve Your Relationships Through Communication

Concept of communicating a message between two head shaped trees with birds perched and flying to each other as a metaphor for Relationship.
How communication can improve your relationship and create a lasting trust.

To endure a relationship one must face many struggles. New couples tend to feel like there isn’t a single care or thing in the world that can bring them down, however as time goes it is important to develop a healthy communication habit that will make sure the relationship remains a happy one.

Here are some effective ways which will help you and your partner aware of each other’s needs and make sure silence is pleasant and not a sign of something else.

Learn to Listen

Hearing your own voice can be satisfying to some. If you consider yourself a person who loves to talk, take into account that your partner may feel a pressing need to say something first or wish to have the last say every once in a while. A lot of the time, by not letting others speak we miss on the chance to get important hints that may be beneficial in the future, as not everyone is great at expressing all of their needs. Learning how to listen carefully will enable you to pick up nonverbal cues as well, leading to a better understanding of your partner and their needs.

Small talk is important

Long conversations about serious topics are important, as they give you an insight of your partner’s views and outlook on life. They can also be very draining, as it leaves a lot to think about and if you end up hearing or sharing something that is the opposite of what you or your partner expects to hear, it may take some time to process. That’s why you should try to focus on topics which are light, and make it interesting to talk about and leave the serious talk for an occasion where both you and your partner are full of energy and willing to listen to each other. Keep in mind though that too much small talk will inevitably make you seem like a shallow person, so a good mix of both is the way to go.

Eliminate prejudice

Nobody likes to be judged, even those that don’t seem to care about it as it’s something that doesn’t benefit a person in any way. So while you hear another person’s view that are drastically different than yours you really have two options – accept them or move on. Staying in a relationship where one person feels judged won’t breed room for trust and mutual.

Create mutual experiences

It is easier to communicate with each other when you have mutual experiences. It sounds like a given, however finding significant experiences that you can reflect on might not come so often in a life where you and your partner are living in a routine. Take the time out of your schedule to organize a short getaway, or simply go to a new place or an activity where you’re going to experience something new.

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Improve Your Relationships Through Communication

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