Are your expectations holding you back from being successful?

Setting up a lot of expectations can hinder your ability to achieve them. Finding a balance is key.

An expectation by definition is a strong belief in the likelihood of something happening.

A word harmless on first encounter and yet it has a potential for negativity as much as it does for being beneficial. It all depends on how much you compare your own expectations with the reality of others. A little bit of comparison can provide encouragement. Too much, and it becomes a recipe for disaster.

Again, this leads to the question of whether it is our expectations that are to blame, or the goal we were hoping for.

Many times we are forced to inherit the expectations which our society and immediate surrounding has set out for us, whether it is the educational institution you attend, your workplace, your family, and so on. This gives little room for your own desires, and hopes to improve the position you are currently in. Inherently however we all have our own sets of expectations and desires about who we want to become in the future and where we see our life going.

1 | Creating a balance

To be sure that your expectations are genuine and beneficial, you must analyze what percentage of them come from your own self and how much is it imposed on you. Most expectations lead to an end goal, and an honest approach would be to ask yourself how much of a reward would you feel in the imaginary scenario where all your expectations were to turn into a reality. Would winning the lottery solve all your financial problems? Will graduating from university land you the job you have always dreamt of? Maybe yes, and maybe not. While these are very broad questions, they both point to the root of issues surrounding expectations – is the end goal something you genuinely desire?

Sometimes, living in a world of expectations creates a cushion where the potential of things happening gives a greater illusionary reward than the act of achievement itself. This is a vicious cycle that sometimes becomes more difficult to escape than it seems.

To reduce the amount of disappointment that expectations might bring in your life, it would be good to always keep an honest approach as to why you are pursuing your goals.

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Are your expectations holding you back from being successful?

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